RLSS UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualifications

Training Management


Foundation Module (unit 1)

The Royal Life Saving Society, and the Institute of Qualified Lifeguards govern the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification - Foundation Module. Over 90% of all leisure centres and private clubs require the National Pool Lifeguard qualification as a minimum requirement for staff. Some require HSE First Aid at Work also.

RLSS UK / ISRM Professional Module (unit 2)

With the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management, this module is specific to your site. Working within the Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pool, to be classed as 'Proficient', lifeguards need to undertake this training. This can be linked with the Lifeguard Management Package that we offer.

RLSS UK Defibrillator(AED) & Advanced Life Support

The chances of surviving a Sudden Cardiac Arrest are reduced by 10% for each minute a Defibrillator is delayed. This course trains candidates in the correct application of the Automated External Defibrillator.

Advanced Life Support training includes the use of Supplementary Oxygen and Manual Suction.